h1. apples, goblins, and an evil druid


This adventure concerns a once proud fortress that fell into the earth in an age long past. Now known as the sunless citadel, it's echoing and broken halls  halls house malign creatures. Evil has taken root at the citadel's core; which is deep within a subterranean garden of blighted foliage. Here, a terrible tree and its dark  shepard plot in darkness.


The tree, called the golthias tree, is shepherded by a twisted druid, Belak the Outcast. He was drawn to the buried citadel 12 years ago; following rumors of oddly enchanted fruit to their source. The druid found an old fortress that had been swallowed up by the earth in some magically invoked devastation. With the previous inhabitants long dispersed, vile and opportunistic creatures common to lightless dungeons infested the subterranean ruins. At the core of the old fortress, Belak discovered the twilight grove. He discovered at its heart, the golthias tree, which sprouted from a wooden stake used to slay an ancient vampire.


A single ruby red apple ripens on the golthias tree at the summer solstice, and the tree produces a single albino apple at the winter solstice. The midsummer fruit grants vigor, health, and life; while the midwinter fruit steals the same. In the years since Belak's arrival, the enchanted fruit has been widely dispersed to the surrounding lands. The seeds of either fruit, if allowed to sprout, will grow into plant monsters known as twig blights.  

The sunless citadel